The Joys of Olive Oil

I’m sure we all know olive oil is good for us. Olive oil has a distinct taste and is packed with different vitamins and good fats to help prevent gallstones, blood pressure, and even cancer. (For more information on the benefits of olive oil, click here.)
I have dry skin, so olive oil does wonders for me. I have used so many different moisturizers recommended by dermotologists, and I found just plain extra virgin olive oil works just as well or even better than some of those moisturizers. It helps remain elasticity and soften skin. I found I can even use it on my hair and even the driest spots of my face and it doesn’t clog pores.
– Pour a little into a small soap dish and use it as an all-over moisturizer.
– Mix with some brown sugar and use as a gentle exfoliater.
– Mix with some whole milk and honey for a hair mask to leave hair shiny and healthy.

My favorite products containing olive oil:

Frédéric Fekkai Glossing Cream

A Wild Soap Bar Honey Oat

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