The Packing Principles

In all honesty, I hate packing. (I’m positive I’m not the only one who has the tendency to bring more things than necessary.)  But with all this traveling in the past month, I’ve essentially been forced into learning how to condense everything. Many of these things are pretty basic, but I hope these few pointers help you out if you’re still planning on taking trips this summer. I would love to know any tips you guys have as well!

1. Make a list.
Many people can make do without one, but I feel I need to write down everything I need to ensure I don’t forget anything.

2. Place bulkiest items first in your luggage.
For me, this is usually my toiletries bag and some other containers. Putting these things in before anything else will ensure everything fits while the smaller stuff can fit into the nooks and corners like a puzzle.

3. Roll your clothes.

Everyone is different, but I find rolling my clothes tightly is the easiest way to conserve space. I fold and place more easily wrinkled items (like chiffon-type material) on top of everything.

4. Bring extra plastic bags.
I have no idea why…I’m just always in need of plastic grocery shopping bags. Typically, I’ll use them to separate dirty clothes from clean ones or place shoes in them.

5. Use plastic containers.

You know those Tupperware containers? I learned from a friend putting easily-spilled liquids in them is better than using a plastic resealable bags or plastic grocery bags. It might be a little bulkier, but I’d rather have that than have things spill over everything. 

6. Lay shoes on top.

I know many people that use shoe bags, but honestly, I think plastic bags can serve the same purpose. I’ll put a plastic bag or tissue paper on top of everything and place shoes in optional bags on it.

Update: It’s been more than an entire month I’ve been away and it’s been too long! I’ve been very busy in California and I’ve missed being able to update you all here. I promise when I’m through with all my travels, I will post pictures and be here regularly again. Hope to see you soon!

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  1. 8.1.12
    sukie said:

    This will be handy for when I have to pack for college. Thanks, Sarah! :)