The Sugar Fix

I believe some of our biggest problems with skin have to do with lack of exfoliation. I think it’s important all-year round to get rid of dead skin cells, especially during summer when we’re outside all the time and many things in the air and other factors can be clogging our pores and layers of dead skin can be building up on our body.
After dealing with dry skin for so long, I found something in abundance at home that has helped rid dead skin and flakes. The trick is sugar. It’s not too abrasive and it’s always in the house. After experimenting for a while, I found two exfoliating tips that have helped improve my skin:
1. Mix half a cup of plain sugar with half a cup of extra virgin olive oil to exfoliate all over your body and even lips. This gentle scrub moisturizes as it exfoliates, so it’s great pre-faux tan and also during the winter when skin is dry and dull. If you’re worried about it being too abrasive, try using brown sugar instead. I try doing this about once or twice a week.
2. Mix a spoonful of sugar with your daily cleanser once or twice a week for an easy exfoliator for your face to get rid of flakes and dead skin cells.
These two tricks have helped improve my skin drastically and if you try it out or have any other exfoliating suggestions or tips, comment below!

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