Top Bullet Journal Tips for Beginners

my top tips for your next bullet journal spread
Top Bullet Journal Tips for Beginners -

Bullet journal tips are one of the most frequently asked questions on my Instagram. Over the years, I’ve learned a few tips to improve my bullet journaling. Here are a few I always recommend to beginners when they’re first starting their practice:

Bullet Journal Tips for Beginners #1: Draft in pencil first

I love bullet journaling, because the spreads are completely customizable. It’s also a great way to exercise your creativity while staying organized. Before you go marking things up in pen and marker, find a pencil and eraser to draft your spreads. Even the most seasoned bullet journal lovers do it! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can always go back and erase your work if you goof up.

Bullet Journal Tips for Beginners #2: Work on a smooth surface

There were multiple times I attempted writing on a bumpy surface and immediately regretted it afterward. Keep your spreads on a flat surface, so you can easily write, draw, and trace on a smooth surface.

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Tip #3: Use your ruler on a flat surface

Using a ruler is pretty common when you want to draw straight lines. When working with a ruler, don’t be afraid to turn your entire bullet journal so you can keep your ruler on a flat surface rather than off the edge of the page. Your lines will more likely be straight that way!

Tip #4: Don’t be so hard on yourself

A lot of bullet journalers call themselves “perfectionists”, and I totally understand why. When you’re drafting a new spread, ease up a little. You want this process to be fun! Everyone is bound to make mistakes, so just consider it a part of the process. There is no “right way” to do this, so relax and have fun.

Bullet Journal Tips for Beginners -

Tip #5: Keep white-out or correction tape around

On that note, keep some correction tape around. Everyone makes mistakes. In fact, I probably goof up every time I make a spread. This correction tape is my favorite.

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Tip #6: Be consistent with your practice

Just like anything, it takes practice to feel good at something. If the first few spreads you make don’t turn out exactly the way you want them to, don’t worry! Stay at it and just keep going. Over time, you’ll find that your spreads are more enjoyable and efficient to create.

Tip #7: Keep doodle inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest

One of my favorite ways to stay inspired is to keep a folder of inspiring images or spreads in a folder or board on Instagram and my bullet journal Pinterest board. (Follow along here!) If you need some help getting started, read the blog post How to Find Bullet Journal Inspiration These 3 Ways.

Tip #8 Don’t compare yourself

Some bullet journalers have been going at this for years. If you’re intimated by their beautiful, perfect spreads, I understand. I get intimidated too. Remember that no matter what, your spread is meant to serve you and your needs. If your bullet journal isn’t as beautiful as the next person, who cares?! As long as it serves you and your life, that’s all that matters. Plus, you can always try again.

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