The Top Go-To Gifts for Bullet Journal Lovers

my favorite picks for paper people

Bullet journal lovers, stationery friends, and paper-loving people typically have an idea of what can be added to their collection for different special occasions. But sometimes, they can either be shy in voicing what they really want or just run the answer, “Oh! I’ll be happy with whatever you get for me!”

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The Top Go-To Gifts for Bullet Journal Lovers -

I know how overwhelming gifting can get, especially when it comes to the world of bullet journaling and stationery. I’ve rounded up a few top gifts for bullet journal lovers, so you can gift with ease and get them something I’ll know they will love. Click the links to shop or head to The Bella Insider Amazon Store for more.

Go-To Gifts for Bullet Journal Lovers: Acrylic Organizer -

Acrylic Organizer

This four-compartment organizer is my favorite thing to hold stationery supplies. It’s actually one of the only things I keep out on my desk. If they have a larger pen or marker collection, you can consider a drawer organizer like this one.

Bullet Journal Lover Gifts: Bulletin Board -

Framed Pinboard

Chances are that your bullet journal or stationery-loving friend take huge pride in the way their desk looks. I recommend getting a framed pinboard to hang up new cards or artwork. This one is also a great option for another fresh look.

Bullet Journal Lover Gifts: Label Maker -

Label Maker

This label maker is so handy and portable. No clunky label makers anymore. Just connect via Bluetooth with an app on your phone, print out your labels, and organize away!

Stationery Gift Box -

Stationery Box Set

Stationery box sets are a great gift idea if you know they’re hoping to stock up on lots of different things. Some small businesses even offer monthly subscriptions—a fun way to refresh and restock their collection!

Tombow Dual Brush Pens for Bullet Journal Lovers -

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

If you’re really thinking to spoil someone, this brush pen set is enviable among serious bullet journalers and stationery lovers. There are lots of colors to use individually or blend to create something new. Click here to find other must-have bullet journal supplies.

Washi Tape Dispenser -

Washi Tape Dispenser

Bullet journal and stationery friends tend to stock up on a lot of washi tape. This dispenser is a perfect small gift item to organize their rolls and make them easier to use.

May Designs Personalized Stationery -

Personalized Stationery

A lot of bullet journal lovers I know tend to love sending out cards, so why not make them personal? Austin-based small business makes it super easy for you to place monograms, names, or sayings on top of amazing patterns, so they have something completely custom to mail out.

MUJI 0.38 mm pens -

Personalized Stationery

Might seem simple, but a pack of 0.38 mm pens (or any favorite pens!) with a bouquet of flowers would make any paper & pen lover happy!

Stationery Bag Holder -

Stationery Bag Holder

If your bullet journal-loving friend has owned the same stationery case for years, it’s time to help them replace it! This bag holder has lots of pockets and storage options, so they can take their favorite things on the go with them.

Etsy Gift Card for Stationery Lovers -

Stationery Shop Gift Card

If nothing else seems fitting, an Etsy gift card or credit to their favorite stationery shop is sure to make them happy. Low stress for you and they can buy what they want—win-win!

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