Vampy Shimmer Gradient Nails

Honestly, I’ve never felt comfortable wearing dark colors on my fingernails. I’ve attempted it so many times and it just never looked right on me even if it looked great on other people. The trick for me was to add subtle shimmer and sparkle using the gradient technique with a trusty makeup sponge. The result was something more wearable, but still fun for upcoming fall.

I  settled for a mysterious and vampy almost-black plummy wine color called “Eiffel For Paris” by OPI from their La Collection de France which is so similar to their famous Linkin Park After Dark, they wouldn’t be able to be differentiated.  

Some other things (topcoat, Q-tips, and nail polish remover not pictured):

From left: OPI Base Coat, OPI Eiffel For This Color, CND Gold Shimmer, makeup wedge

 (Tutorial here)

A few tips:
– If you’re using a wedge-shaped sponge for the gradient step, I like to fold my makeup wedge in half and use the rounded fold to start off for a more dispersed shimmer effect.
– Use a polish that’s buildable. It’ll make the gradient layers look nicer.
– Work with shimmery polishes, preferably with the same type of shimmer. They’ll blend a little more smoothly.
– Wait for the previous layer to dry before starting again!
– These pictures were taken before cleaning up the edges with a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover. I recommend doing it to make nails look neater and polished.

Good luck!

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